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Fun and Engaging Apps to Help Preschoolers Learn Math – A Well-Rounded Education


Preschoolers are naturally curious and eager to learn, and it is during these formative years that they develop foundational skills that set the stage for future academic success. One of the crucial areas of learning for preschoolers is mathematics. However, teaching math concepts to preschoolers can be challenging, as traditional methods may not always capture their attention or keep them engaged. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, there are now a plethora of interactive and entertaining math apps specifically designed to make learning enjoyable for preschoolers. In this article, we explore some of the best apps that provide a well-rounded math education while ensuring fun and engagement for our little learners.

Math Monster Adventures: Counting, Addition, and Subtraction

Math Monster Adventures is an immersive app that combines storytelling with math concepts, making it a fantastic tool for preschoolers. By following a friendly monster through various adventures, children explore the world of numbers, counting, addition, and subtraction. The app features colourful visuals, interactive games, and animated characters that captivate preschoolers’ imaginations. Through this app, children learn mathematical concepts while developing problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Tally Tots: Counting and Number Recognition

Tally Tots is a delightful app that introduces preschoolers to counting and number recognition in a playful and engaging manner. The app utilizes vibrant graphics, lively animations, and interactive puzzles to help children grasp fundamental math skills. Each level is carefully designed to build upon the previous one, allowing children to progress at their own pace. Tally Tots also includes a variety of mini-games that reinforce number concepts and encourage active participation, ensuring that learning remains enjoyable for preschoolers.

Moose Math: Shapes, Counting, and Early Math Concepts

Moose Math is an app that combines math learning with fun gameplay, making it an ideal choice for preschoolers. Through a series of interactive activities and games, children explore early math concepts such as counting, number recognition, and basic geometry. The app features a friendly moose character that guides children through different levels, providing positive reinforcement and rewards for their achievements. By incorporating captivating visuals and engaging gameplay, Moose Math promotes active learning and ensures that preschoolers are excited about math.

Bugs and Buttons: Mathematical Skills and Fine Motor Development

Bugs and Buttons is a unique app that combines math learning with fine motor skill development, making it a well-rounded educational tool for preschoolers. The app offers a wide range of activities that focus on mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, patterns, and measurement. Additionally, Bugs and Buttons incorporates touch-based interactions, allowing children to practice their fine motor skills while engaging with the app. With its charming bug-themed graphics and intuitive gameplay, this app effectively blends math education with physical dexterity enhancement.

Endless Numbers: Number Recognition and Sequencing

Endless Numbers is an app that introduces preschoolers to number recognition and sequencing through entertaining and memorable animations. Each number comes to life with its unique personality and storytelling, making it easier for children to grasp numerical concepts. The app includes interactive puzzles and games that reinforce counting skills and encourage preschoolers to explore numbers in a playful manner. By presenting math in a visually appealing and engaging format, Endless Numbers fosters a love for learning in young minds.

Sushi Monster: Addition and Multiplication Skills

Sushi Monster is a fun and addictive app that focuses on developing addition and multiplication skills in preschoolers. By using sushi-themed gameplay, children are motivated to solve math problems and earn points. The app provides various levels of difficulty, allowing preschoolers to progress gradually as they gain confidence in their mathematical abilities. With its appealing visuals and rewarding challenges, Sushi Monster keeps preschoolers entertained while building a strong foundation in basic arithmetic.

Math Bingo: Number Recognition and Basic Operations

Math Bingo is a popular app that combines the excitement of bingo with essential math skills. Designed specifically for preschoolers, this app helps them develop number recognition and basic operation skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. With its colourful interface and lively gameplay, Math Bingo keeps preschoolers engaged while reinforcing mathematical concepts. The app offers different levels of difficulty and customizable options, allowing parents and educators to tailor the learning experience to each child’s needs.

Quick Math Jr.: Mental Math and Problem Solving

Quick Math Jr. is an app that focuses on developing mental math skills and problem-solving abilities in preschoolers. Through a series of timed activities, children practice counting, number sequencing, basic operations, and more. The app challenges preschoolers to think quickly and solve math problems in a fun and interactive way. Quick Math Jr. also tracks individual progress, allowing parents and educators to monitor their child’s growth and identify areas that need improvement. With its fast-paced gameplay and engaging visuals, this app is perfect for preschoolers who enjoy a bit of a challenge.

Motion Math: Fractions, Measurement, and Number Sense

Motion Math is an app series that covers a wide range of math concepts, including fractions, measurement, and number sense. The series consists of several apps, each targeting specific mathematical skills. Through interactive games and simulations, preschoolers explore these concepts in a hands-on and engaging manner. The apps incorporate real-world scenarios, making math relatable and meaningful to young learners. With its intuitive interface and adaptive learning approach, Motion Math ensures that preschoolers progress at their own pace while enjoying the learning process.

Mathseeds: Comprehensive Math Curriculum

Mathseeds is a comprehensive app that offers a complete math curriculum for preschoolers. Developed by educational experts, the app covers a wide range of mathematical topics, including numbers, shapes, patterns, measurement, and more. Mathseeds provides interactive lessons, engaging activities, and quizzes to assess preschoolers’ understanding of each concept. The app also offers a rewards system that motivates children to complete tasks and progress through the curriculum. With its structured approach and comprehensive content, Mathseeds is an excellent choice for parents and educators looking for a well-rounded math education for their preschoolers.

Todo Math: Multisensory Learning and Skill Building

Todo Math is an app that emphasizes multisensory learning and skill-building for preschoolers. The app offers a variety of activities that target different math skills, such as number recognition, counting, geometry, and more. What sets Todo Math apart is its use of various sensory stimuli, including touch, sight, and sound, to enhance the learning experience. The app incorporates interactive games, puzzles, and virtual manipulatives, allowing preschoolers to explore math concepts through different modalities. By catering to different learning styles, Todo Math ensures that all preschoolers can actively participate and excel in math.

Mathlingo: Problem Solving and Logical Thinking

Mathlingo is an app that focuses on problem-solving and logical thinking skills in preschoolers. The app presents math problems in a game-like format, where children navigate through puzzles, mazes, and challenges. By solving these math-based obstacles, preschoolers develop critical thinking, reasoning, and decision-making abilities. Mathlingo also incorporates adaptive learning, adjusting the difficulty level based on each child’s progress. With its engaging gameplay and emphasis on problem-solving, this app encourages preschoolers to think analytically while enjoying the thrill of a math-based adventure.

DragonBox Numbers: Number Sense and Algebraic Thinking

DragonBox Numbers is an app that introduces preschoolers to number sense and algebraic thinking in a fun and engaging way. Through a series of puzzles and challenges, children explore number relationships, patterns, and basic algebraic concepts. The app provides a visual and interactive environment where preschoolers can experiment and solve problems using virtual manipulatives. DragonBox Numbers fosters critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, laying a strong foundation for future math learning.

Puzzingo: Early Math Concepts and Problem Solving

Puzzingo is a puzzle-based app that covers various early math concepts while promoting problem-solving skills in preschoolers. The app features interactive puzzles with pieces that children need to fit together correctly. Each puzzle introduces a different math concept, such as numbers, shapes, patterns, and measurements. Puzzingo engages preschoolers in hands-on learning, encouraging them to think critically and develop spatial awareness while having fun with vibrant and engaging visuals.

Mathlandia: Math Adventure and Exploration

Mathlandia is an adventurous app that takes preschoolers on a journey through a vibrant math-filled world. By completing quests and challenges, children engage with math concepts such as counting, shapes, patterns, and more. The app offers a combination of gameplay, puzzles, and problem-solving activities that promote critical thinking and logical reasoning. Mathlandia provides a captivating and immersive environment where preschoolers can explore math at their own pace while enjoying an exciting adventure.

Slice Fractions: Fraction Concepts and Problem Solving

Slice Fractions is an app that focuses specifically on fraction concepts and problem-solving skills. Through a series of interactive levels, preschoolers manipulate and slice through ice and lava to solve fraction-based puzzles. The app gradually introduces various fraction concepts, such as numerator, denominator, equivalent fractions, and fraction comparison. Slice Fractions provides an engaging and visual approach to learning fractions, making it easier for preschoolers to grasp these sometimes challenging concepts.

Math Kingdom for Kids: Comprehensive Math Learning

Math Kingdom for Kids is an app that offers a comprehensive and structured math curriculum for preschoolers. The app covers a wide range of math topics, including number sense, counting, geometry, patterns, measurements, and more. With its interactive lessons, quizzes, and games, Math Kingdom for Kids ensures a well-rounded learning experience. The app also provides progress tracking and personalized feedback, allowing parents and educators to monitor and support preschoolers’ math development effectively.

Bugsy Kindergarten Math: Interactive Math Activities

Bugsy Kindergarten Math is an app that provides interactive math activities for preschoolers, covering a variety of math skills. The app features engaging games that focus on counting, number recognition, basic operations, shape recognition, and more. Bugsy, the friendly bug character, guides preschoolers through the activities, offering encouragement and support. Bugsy Kindergarten Math keeps preschoolers entertained while building essential math skills and confidence in their abilities.

Math Learning Adventure: Math Concepts and Problem Solving

Math Learning Adventure is an app that combines math learning with an exciting adventure story. Preschoolers join the main character on a quest to save a magical world by completing math-based challenges. The app covers a range of math concepts, including numbers, shapes, patterns, and basic operations. By engaging in the interactive activities and problem-solving tasks, preschoolers develop critical thinking and math skills while enjoying an immersive narrative experience.

Math Train: Basic Math Skills and Memory Development

Math Train is an app that enhances preschoolers’ basic math skills while also developing their memory and cognitive abilities. The app presents math problems in a train-themed setting, where preschoolers solve equations and complete number patterns. Math Train incorporates memory-enhancing mini-games that help improve recall and concentration. By combining math learning with memory development, Math Train offers a holistic approach to preschoolers’ cognitive and mathematical growth.

Math Galaxy: Comprehensive Math Skills Practice

Math Galaxy is an app that offers comprehensive math skills practice for preschoolers. With a wide range of interactive games and activities, the app covers various math topics, including number sense, counting, shapes, measurement, and more. The app provides a structured and systematic approach to skill-building, allowing preschoolers to progress at their own pace. Math Galaxy incorporates engaging visuals and rewards to keep preschoolers motivated and invested in their math learning journey.

Math Vs. Zombies: Math Facts and Problem Solving

Math Vs. Zombies is an app that combines math facts practice with a thrilling zombie-themed game. Preschoolers engage in a battle against zombies by solving math problems, reinforcing basic arithmetic skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The app features different game modes and levels of difficulty, allowing preschoolers to practice and improve their math fluency while having a blast. Math Vs. Zombies makes math facts practice exciting and memorable for young learners.

Math Bakery: Counting, Sorting, and Basic Operations

Math Bakery is an app that turns math learning into a delightful baking adventure. Preschoolers step into the shoes of a baker, completing various math-related tasks such as counting ingredients, sorting items, and performing basic operations. The app incorporates fun mini-games and challenges that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and math skills development. With its charming bakery theme and engaging gameplay, Math Bakery keeps preschoolers entertained while strengthening their foundational math abilities.

Mathlingo Town: Number Recognition and Basic Math Concepts

Mathlingo Town is an app that invites preschoolers to explore a colorful and interactive town while learning math. The app introduces number recognition, counting, basic operations, and other math concepts through engaging activities and games. Preschoolers can interact with various characters and objects in the town, solving math-related challenges and puzzles along the way. Mathlingo Town provides an immersive learning experience that promotes math understanding and problem-solving skills in a playful environment.

Math-Whizz: Personalized Math Learning

Math-Whizz is an app that offers personalized math learning for preschoolers. Through adaptive technology, the app assesses each child’s math abilities and tailors the learning experience accordingly. Math-Whizz covers a wide range of math topics and offers interactive lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes. The app tracks progress, provides detailed reports, and offers recommendations for areas that need improvement. With its individualized approach, Math-Whizz ensures that preschoolers receive targeted support and engage in meaningful math learning.

SplashLearn: Multi-Domain Math Skills Development

Splash Learn is an app that focuses on multi-domain math skills development for preschoolers. The app covers various math topics, including numbers, shapes, measurement, time, and more. Through interactive lessons, games, and quizzes, preschoolers can practice and reinforce their math skills in a comprehensive and engaging manner. SplashLearn incorporates a rewards system and progress tracking, motivating preschoolers to continue their math learning journey and celebrate their achievements.

Math Seeds: Numeracy and Problem-Solving Skills

Math Seeds is an app that combines numeracy development with problem-solving skills for preschoolers. The app offers a wide range of interactive activities and games that cover essential math concepts such as counting, number recognition, patterns, and basic operations. Math Seeds provides a structured learning path, ensuring a progressive and well-rounded math education. With its vibrant animations and interactive gameplay, Math Seeds captures preschoolers’ attention while fostering their numeracy and problem-solving abilities.

Hopster: Interactive Learning and Math Games

Hopster is an app that offers interactive learning and math games for preschoolers. Alongside a variety of educational content, Hopster provides math-focused activities that cover counting, shapes, measurement, and more. The app features engaging characters, interactive challenges, and puzzles that promote critical thinking and math skills development. Hopster creates a playful and immersive environment where preschoolers can learn and have fun with math at the same time.