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Welcome to The Umonics Method Memory Boot Camp for Preschoolers in Jakarta!

Join us for an exciting and enriching holiday boot camp experience like no other. Our innovative programme, developed by a Singaporean-based educational company, is designed to teach preschoolers various memory techniques that will stay with them for life.

At The Umonics Method Boot Camp, your child will enjoy:
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime with fun and interactive games
  • Learning from memory record holders, our experienced and dedicated teachers
  • Hands-on activities that develop and enhance memory skills
  • A safe and nurturing environment that fosters growth and learning

Our memory training enrichment programme is a fun and engaging way for your child to unlock their full potential. With our proven techniques, your child will develop a powerful memory and the ability to remember important information with ease. We are proud to have a total of 13 memory records, of which 4 were accomplished by The Umonics Method preschoolers.

The Umonics Method is based on the science of memory and has been developed by a team of experienced memory experts. It is a fun and engaging way to improve memory skills, boost confidence, and enhance overall cognitive function.

Program Overview

  • Date:
2-3 Years Old
(DOB: September 2019 – August 2020)
19 – 21 June, 2023 (3 days) 9AM-12PM

3-4 Years Old
(DOB: September 2018 – August 2019)
19 – 21 June, 2023 (3 days) 1PM-4PM

4-5 Years Old
(DOB: September 2017 – August 2018)
22 – 24 June, 2023 (3 days) 9AM-12PM

5-6 Years Old
(DOB: September 2016 – August 2017)
22 – 24 June, 2023 (3 days) 1PM-4PM
  • Location:
Mindchamps Preschool Menteng
JL. Imam Bonjol No. 4 Menteng, Kota Jakarta, Pusat, Jakarta 10320
  • Cost:
US$225 US$180 (until May 31, 2023)

What your child will learn?

Introduce your child to Umonics Names and Faces Method for a superior memory! 

Our innovative technique teaches preschoolers to easily retain and recall names and faces, boosting their confidence and social skills. 

With our approach, your child will develop a photographic memory and the ability to retain vital information without difficulty. 

Help your child flourish in both school and personal life with the Umonics Names and Faces Method – a talent they will carry with them always.

Introduce your child to Umonics Flags Method for a brilliant memory! 

Our method teaches preschoolers to easily memorise and recall flags, expanding their knowledge and cultural awareness. 

They’ll develop a powerful memory and the ability to distinguish flags of different countries, benefiting their academics and appreciation for different cultures. 

Unlock your child’s potential with Umonics Flags Method – a skill for life.

Unlock your child’s potential with Umonics Direct Link Method! 

Our method helps preschoolers retain and recall general knowledge with ease, enhancing their comprehension and curiosity. 

They’ll develop a remarkable memory and effortlessly connect information. 

This skill helps them succeed academically and ignite lifelong learning. 

Give your child the benefit of a superior memory with Umonics Direct Link Method – a talent for life.

Over 10,000 Satisfied Students Worldwide! Help Your Child Excel in School & Life Today

Our Educators


Ms. Sharina Shah

Head Teacher of The Umonics Method

Sharina Shah, a mother of two, is a two-time world memory record holder. She has memorised 1119 digits of Phi, earning her the record for most digits of Phi recited under 30 minutes, and 1260 digits of Tau, making her the record holder for most digits of Tau recited under 30 minutes. Sharina recognises that memory techniques are important for preschoolers, as they will help them memorise with ease throughout their lives. She believes that teaching how to memorise is a missing puzzle in preschools, as it is not often taught. At The Umonics Method, we have seen our preschoolers achieve phenomenal memorisation skills, breaking records at such a young age. With this in mind, we believe that memorisation skills are an essential new skill that every child must have.

Mr. Sancy Suraj

Founder of The Umonics Method

Sancy Suraj, is a 1 world and 6 national memory record holder. He represented Singapore in the World Memory Championships in 2011. He held the World record for the longest color sequence memorised in 2011. He holds the Singapore record for pi memorisation and recitation, where he memorised & recalled 1505 digits in 30 mins in perfect order. He holds the Singapore record for Euler's number memorisation and recitation, the fastest time to identify all national flags, and the fastest time to identify all the capital cities. He achieved a timing of 4 minutes 19 seconds, to be the fastest in Singapore to identify all Elements of the Periodic Table. Sancy says that with memory, we can store and recall information. With a better memory, we can store and remember more. With an unforgettable memory, nothing stands in your way.

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Join us for a memorable experience that your child will carry with them for a lifetime.

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US$180 UNTIL MAY 31, 2023