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Top Educational Apps for Preschoolers

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that young children are becoming more comfortable with digital devices from an early age. Educational apps can be valuable tools in this context, providing engaging, entertaining, and instructive experiences for preschoolers. Here are five top-rated apps that combine learning with fun for young children.

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is an attractively designed app that helps young preschoolers learn the alphabet in an engaging way. Through vibrant characters and animations, children can learn new words and their meanings. What sets Endless Alphabet apart is its focus on teaching word meanings rather than just individual letters. Additionally, the app offers over 100 words, each accompanied by its own interactive puzzle game to keep kids interested. Moreover, the app allows kids to hear the words spoken aloud, improving their phonetics and pronunciation skills.

Busy Shapes

Busy Shapes, an award-winning app, helps young preschoolers hone their problem-solving abilities. Through a variety of puzzles using shapes and objects, children progressively enhance their spatial thinking skills. The app is particularly beneficial for preschoolers beginning to develop their spatial reasoning abilities and understanding basic physics concepts like force and gravity. Furthermore, as the child advances through the stages, the difficulties of the tasks increasingly increase.

Elmo Loves 123s

Designed specifically for toddlers, Elmo Loves 123s helps young preschoolers learn the basics of arithmetic with the assistance of everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo. The app features various games and activities such as counting objects, tracing numbers, and recognizing shapes, all presented in a user-friendly manner with large buttons and simple instructions. Moreover, Elmo Loves 123s is created especially for toddlers, setting it apart from other apps.

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 allows preschoolers to unleash their creativity in the kitchen. Children can chop, blend, and cook a variety of items, encouraging experimentation with different ingredients and flavors. The app promotes healthy eating habits, social skills, and communication as children share their culinary creations with friends and family. Additionally, the open-ended nature of Toca Kitchen 2 allows preschoolers to explore and experiment, fostering creativity and imaginative play.


Minecraft, a wildly popular game among kids of all ages, fosters creativity and problem-solving skills by allowing players to create and explore their own virtual worlds. For preschoolers beginning to grasp spatial reasoning and 3D geometry, Minecraft provides an excellent platform. Its adaptability offers various gameplay modes, including creative mode for free construction and survival mode for resource gathering and monster battles, catering to different skill levels and interests. Moreover, Minecraft is a fantastic tool for kids of all ages and skill levels due to its adaptability.


Educational apps offer a fun and interactive way for preschoolers to learn. Apps like Endless Alphabet and Toca Kitchen 2 provide opportunities for learning while engaging children in enjoyable activities. However, it’s important to use these apps sparingly and under adult supervision to ensure safe and responsible usage. When selecting apps, consider factors such as the child’s interests, skill level, educational value, and safety features. By incorporating educational apps into a well-rounded early childhood education program, parents can help their preschoolers develop essential skills and a lifelong love of learning.

Diversifying Learning

To ensure a balanced approach to learning, it’s essential to supplement app usage with other activities such as reading, outdoor play, and imaginative play. Early childhood education should encompass a variety of experiences to help children develop diverse talents and interests, preparing them for future success. Additionally, providing a variety of learning experiences can keep children engaged and motivated to learn.

Choosing Quality Apps

While educational apps can be valuable tools, it’s crucial to select high-quality, age-appropriate apps that prioritize learning and safety. Reading reviews and conducting research can help parents make informed decisions about which apps are suitable for their child. By striking a balance between digital learning and other forms of engagement, parents can provide a well-rounded educational experience for their preschoolers. Moreover, parents should ensure that apps align with their child’s interests and learning goals.

Balancing Screen Time

Alongside educational apps, it’s important for preschoolers to engage in activities that promote social interaction, creativity, and physical activity. Parents should monitor screen time and encourage a healthy balance between digital and offline activities to support overall development. Additionally, setting limits on screen time can help prevent excessive use and ensure that children have time for other important activities.

Active Learning

While educational apps can be beneficial, they should complement, not replace, in-person interactions with parents, caregivers, and teachers. Human interaction is essential for children to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills fully. Therefore, parents should prioritize activities that foster meaningful connections alongside digital learning experiences. Furthermore, engaging in activities together can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

In Summary

The reviewed preschool apps—Endless Alphabet, Busy Shapes, Elmo Loves 123s, Toca Kitchen 2, and Minecraft—offer valuable learning opportunities for young children in a fun and engaging manner. By incorporating these apps into a well-rounded educational approach and balancing screen time with other activities, parents can support their preschoolers’ development and prepare them for future success. Additionally, parents play a crucial role in guiding their children’s digital experiences and ensuring that they engage in safe and meaningful interactions.