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Q: Is it an Online Class?

A: Yes, the classes at the Umonics Method are online. We'll be able to serve clients in the safety and comfort of their own homes!

Q: Do you offer a free trial class?

A: Yes, we have trial classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Completely free of charge, to allow the parents and students to experience the whole process.

Q: May I know more details about the classes?

A: The classes at the Umonics Method go term by term, and each term includes 12 lessons. One term runs for three months. Classes are held once a week, with the available schedules falling on either Saturdays or Sundays.

The duration of the class runs from 30 to 45 minutes for each lesson. The maximum number of participants per class is eight students.

Q: What’s the age group for this course?

A: The Umonics Method is for preschoolers aged 3 to 6 years.

Q: Are there any make-up classes if the child misses a class on prior notice?

A: A class is considered fulfilled once the student begins the course. Thus, no makeup class will be provided if the student misses a session regardless of the reason. However, mini-series videos are provided explaining the lessons and flashcards for the student to catch up on the missed session.

Q: How long should a child take the classes to be effective?

A: The Umonics Method recommends taking a full term of 12 sessions to ensure the effectiveness of the course.

Q: How does this program work?

A: The primary goal is to teach preschoolers memory techniques, just like teaching them to write and read.

Q: How long would each session be?

A: The duration of the class runs for 30 to 45 minutes each lesson.

Q: Is it one-on-one or a group class session?

A: The class consist of a maximum number of eight participants.

Q: How do we know if my child is progressing?

A: Students will each have unique login details to the E-Learning Management System Portal. Miniseries videos and flashcards will be updated regularly for home revision purposes. We will give Progress report cards weekly to help the parents keep track of their child's assessment during the lessons.

Q: Who do I contact if problems arise in class?

A: A chat option is available in the E-Learning platform:

Q: Will the online class be recorded?

A: Yes, each class is recorded for documentation purposes

Q: Do I need to prepare any learning materials?

A: Each student is required to have a computer/tablet and a stable internet connection. Students will be informed ahead of time if there are required materials that are not listed above.

Q: When has payment needed to be made?

A: Full payment for the whole term is to be made before the first session.